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a full-service digital studio based in Sweden 🇸🇪

We partner with clients to help their business grow thanks to digital solutions. We bring our deep understanding of modern media, creative storytelling, and high quality video-production to enhance their company's communication.

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Our team uses its very diversified skillset to find the best way to help our client craft their own narrative and spread it online. Our specialities include digital communication strategy, modern video-production and artworks specifically created for social media, digital campaigns.

Let us help you create engaging ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

Some of our (video) work

Hockey fun on a frozen lake
This is one of the videos we created for Blades. These videos allowed us to quickly grow the @bladeslive Instagram account from 0 to 3800 followers very quickly.

We also used this video as a proof of concept that associate brands with original sports content.

Train hack 2017
Gather, on a train, hackers interested in improving the Swedish rail system and this is what you get. A lot of original ideas and a strong will to change things.

More of our work!

Nerdy Video: videos for your digital product

Video is the best way to demonstrate the value and features of your products.
It's also an efficient way to educate your customers.
Nerdy Video is an offer to create videos for companies with a digital product.

What's your favorite code editor?

For 46elks, we imagined and created this campaign leveraging a survey they conducted during a hackathon.

The pieces got great tractions as they were distributed on social media (Facebook / Twitter) and in some specific developer groups.

Signup! Celebrate small victories 🎉

Do you celebrate small victories? Probably not often enough! We came up with this idea, built the frontend and promoted it on social media for 46elks.

It has been a massive success on Product Hunt and helped putting the spotlight on the SMS API provided by 46elks.

Check Signup! at this address: www.signupcelebration.com

Instagram Stories or Snapchat: we got you covered!

We know how to create engaging stories to publish on Instagram or Facebook. Stories that your followers will want to watch!

In fact, we have used stories to accompany the growth of Almtuna hockey club's Instagram account.

Tech coworking space, in the center of Uppsala

We work very closely with Uppsala Tech Community.
In fact, we were in charge of the whole branding. From the name, to the logo.

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